KUTX 98.9 FM

KUTX 98.9 FM

Жанр: rockpopadult contemporary

Страна: США
Город: Техас, Leander


KUTX is a collection of Austin-based, passionate music fans (okay, fine, nerds) who care deeply about our ever-changing city and its historic music scene. We see our role as caretakers of the scene; we pay tribute to the history of Austin music while remaining keenly aware and involved in its evolution. We serve you – our fellow music fan – and we also serve artists, venues, sound engineers, record stores, merch makers, bartenders and anyone else who works in the Austin music “ecosystem”. We like to think of KUTX as a big tent. We’re into musical discovery, and welcome anyone who is, too. We’re here for all that Austin’s diverse music scene has to offer, regardless of genre. We don’t get hung up on stuff like that, we just love great music and connecting you with it.

Контакты радиостанции

Адрес: 300 W Dean Keeton St, Austin, TX 78712
Телефон: +1 512-471-2345
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @kutxaustin
Twitter: @KUTX
Instagram: @kutx

Время в городе Leander: 03:52, 13.05.2023