Producciones JPC Radio Vallenata

Producciones JPC Radio Vallenata

Жанр: vallenato

Страна: Колумбия
Город: Boyacá, Согамосо


Producciones JPC, se trata de una organización la cual ofrece el mejor entretenimiento por internet, brindando a cada uno de su televidentes y radio escuchas una experiencia única e inolvidable.

Информация о радио

Producciones Jpc Radio is all prepared to entertain their worldwide listeners and give them music that they will love to hear. This is a radio for the local community. But, being a local radio it doesn’t mean that their broadcasting is limited to local area or for local music instead of that the radio can be heard from any where of the world via online streaming. Be with Producciones Jpc Radio and get to know the world music better.

Контакты радиостанции

Адрес: Sogamoso, Boyacá - Colombia
Телефон: +3164104645
Email: [email protected]

Время в городе Согамосо: 01:22, 13.05.2023