Cosmopolitan FM

Cosmopolitan FM

Жанр: poptalkadult contemporaryhits

Страна: Индонезия
Город: Jakarta, Джакарта


Cosmopolitan FM is positioned to be a radio station for modern women. It exists because of the need for women to share and to confide. Imagine a place where you run to whenever you need a friend to talk to, to discuss relationships, and personal life. It is very often that women, now, play so many roles in life. They can be a career person, a mother, a lover, and much more.

Информация о радио

Breakfast Club, setiap Senin-Jumat jam 6-10 Pagi.
Fun Fearless Female, setiap Senin-Jumat jam 10-1 Siang.
Music Box, jam 1-4 Sore
Happy Hour, setiap jam 4-9 malam.
Cooling Down, setiap jam 9-12 malam.
90's Hits Weekend, Sabtu-Minggu, setiap jam 7 pagi - 11 malam

Контакты радиостанции

Адрес: Gedung Sarinah, Lantai 8 Jalan MH Thamrin 11, Jakarta 10350 Indonesia
Телефон: +(021) 398 32162
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +08159403904
Twitter: @CosmopolitanFM

Email: [email protected]

Время в городе Джакарта: 08:41, 13.05.2023