LM Radio

LM Radio

Жанр: pop80s70soldies60s50s

Страна: Южная Африка
Город: Гаутенг, Йоханнесбург


LM Radio is your happy music station, playing your lifetime memories all day everyday! Relax and enjoy your lifetime memories with a broad range of music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s together with a blend of modern day music in the same style and flavour.

Информация о радио

The LM Radio project started in August 2005 with Chris Turner’s dream to bring high quality music radio back to Southern Africa. The original LM Radio which broadcast from 1936 to 1975 was an independant radio station that set the standard for music radio. It was the first commercial radio to broadcast on Short Waves and the first in Africa.

Контакты радиостанции

Адрес: Genesis House, 18 Wessel Road, Rivonia, Sandton
Телефон: +27 11 234 2691
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @LMRadioMoz

Время в городе Йоханнесбург: 03:35, 13.05.2023