KKBJ Talk Radio 1360 AM

KKBJ Talk Radio 1360 AM

Жанр: poptalkgospel40sadult contemporaryhits

Страна: США
Город: Миннесота, Бемиджи


Four years later, radio station KKBJ AM-FM was purchased and all the broadcasting facilities moved into that facility south of town. Currently, R.P. Broadcasting has 20 employees and continues providing entertainment for the Bemidji area.

Информация о радио

RP Broadcasting has been serving the Bemidji area since 1990. Owner Roger Paskvan bought WBJI Radio in 1990, and purchased KKBJ-AM and KKBJ-FM in 1994.
Since high school, Roger enjoyed the field of radio broadcasting. While going to school in Grand Forks he was employed as chief engineer at KNOX radio. After moving to Bemidji, Roger worked as the consultant engineer for KKBJ. He also pursued a dream of obtaining a FCC Fm broadcast station license. This was a new channel that would be brought into Bemidji.
The license was granted in 1990 and the radio station was constructed above the present two-way building. WBJI began broadcasting in Sept. 1991 with an oldies format. The transmitter and antenna found a home on an existing 500 ft tower north of town.

Контакты радиостанции

Адрес: 2115 Washington Ave South Bemidji, MN 56601
Телефон: +(218)751-7777

fax is (218)759-0658

Время в городе Бемиджи: 01:57, 13.05.2023